My paintings are depictions of metaphorical landscapes, created through the force and tension of nature and material. The illusion of space within each painting is interrupted by the materials being used, and the narrative of the image is found through the process of that exploration. The landscape is felt through various forces of nature, such as: life-cycles, transitional states of weather, and gravity. Space is being constructed by echoes of former representations that might suggest or feel like an experience of nature. It is important for me to be conscious of the physical object of the painting itself, and the removed space within the painting, it's here and not here.

Madeline Peckenpaugh was born in Milwaukee, WI, and currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island. She is a MFA Painting candidate at the Rhode Island School of Design, and earned her BFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2015. She was awarded the KCAC Museum Artist Residency in Patan, Nepal, given by the PAFA Fellowship. She has had two solo exhibitions with Seraphin Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, and has exhibited with Avery Galleries, PA, Gross McCleaf Gallery, PA, Schmidt/Dean Gallery, PA, along with Gelman Gallery and Sol Koffler Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island. She has work in the permanent collection of the Woodmere Art Museum, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and Brown University.